It is not often for the JumpStart programme to welcome on board clients who have had some business experience before. That’s why we were thrilled to support Dean Coffield, who used to own a business in Birmingham but once he moved to Nuneaton, he realised that if he wants to work for himself again, he will have to start pretty much from scratch:

“I had been trying to find employment for 12 months but I couldn’t get a job anywhere”, says Dean, “so I decided to try my own business again and work for myself doing what I do. I really wanted to get started.”

Even with high motivation, Dean needed the initial help to get back on the job market and explore what is the most suitable support for him available. This is where the JumpStart services were brought into play:

“I was on a work programme at Job Centre Plus. It wasn’t very helpful for me. Then I was assigned to a new advisor. She pulled a list with a lot of organisations that could help me and JumpStart was on top of the list. I contacted you and the response was immediate. It has been brilliant help and confidence boost more than anything. JumpStart helped me believe it is possible to achieve what I wanted, and I thought “Let’s go for it”

Soon, thanks to his initiative and our client-led, personalised business support, Dean managed to achieve his goal – setting up a business that utilises his skills and embraces his passion:

“It is something I fell into over 20 years ago. I have always done jobs where I use tools. Twenty-five years ago, I was doing property maintenance for social housing. I learned a lot from a few years with the company there. I do property maintenance not so much because of qualifications but experience. I work fast with my hands and I enjoy it.

“The business is “On Point” property maintenance and refurbishments.  This is what I have always done. I used to work on student properties but now I moved onto private properties. I am using the experience I have.”

When we asked him which element of the JumpStart support helped him the most, Dean answered with no hesitation:

“The confidence to go for it. The business plan was a big help. I couldn’t be able to do it without your help. Now that I have it, it is there if I need it.”

And does he feel the programme would be suitable for others who want to break into this field?

“Absolutely, 100%. There is a lot of information that I got from you – various things that I didn’t know about such as legislations, laws and regulations, etc. It is nice to have somebody to give you that morale support and advice when you need it. Someone there as a back-up.”

With improved confidence and a solid foundation, Dean is now looking to the future developments of his business and the opportunities that lie ahead:

“I applied with Nuneaton Council to get onto their contractors list. Hopefully, they will register me on there and I will be able to take my son to work full time with me. And if we grow, maybe someone else as well.”

Our team is delighted to have contributed to another business start and most importantly – enhance the growth mindset and determination of an entrepreneur on his way to reaching personal and professional highs:

“I am finding the JumpStart networking groups quite good – they helped me to start finding work. I have done one job I found through the networking event and received another quote from another member. That is quite helpful, and it lives to its purpose of connecting with people successfully.”

The IEP, part-funded by ERDF, is run by Coventry and Warwickshire Reinvestment Trust (CWRT), a not-for-profit specialist finance provider committed to supporting businesses and individuals primarily based in Coventry and Warwickshire. CWRT has partnered with The Women’s Economy (WE) and Warwickshire County Council, to offer specialist business support in Warwickshire through the new and unique Inclusive Enterprise Programme.