Creative Springboard

Creative Springboard is a new and unique project designed for those creatives who need support with developing the building blocks of their business and how to think digitally.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are looking at ways to turn their hobby into a real money-making business or wanting to grow their existing business through the support of specifically tailored workshops, peer to peer support and advice from industry experts.

Having given some shape to your business idea and defined the foundations for its development, by attending this Creative Springboard programme you will have the chance to:

  • boost your confidence – developing your strengths to develop your business
  • identify your customers – truly understand your market
  • explore traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques – knowing how to reach your customers and consumers effectively
  • financial forecasting and access to finance – planning your finances and knowing where to get some extra cash from
  • know legal bits – your rights, your legal obligations and some hints & tips
  • think digitally – industry experts teaching you about digital marketing, branding & social media

The key aspect to this project is offering you hands-on support with a practical approach throughout the vulnerable early stages of starting and developing a creative business.

More details about this programme and dates will be released shortly – so watch this space – if you have any questions or queries in the meantime just get in touch.

Why are we running this programme?

The prevailing enterprise culture of the region does not recognise the particular challenges of digital and creative businesses. Mainstream business support programmes are neither geared to the diverse needs of different client groups, nor to the more intensive, client-led support that many digital and creative businesses need.

With workshops, support and investment opportunities we hope to help new, energetic and dynamic group of business who can significantly grow their creative businesses as well as creating jobs and opportunities for growth within the region.

Sheridan Sulskis

Project Manager